Ryan Boyd

Photo by Zulema Breedlove.

The Historic Pearl, San Antonio

So you want to know more?

My name is Ryan. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana but now a Houstonian! I started out photographing exotic animals about 6 years ago. About the same time I combined my interest in cooking and photography to start a short lived food blog. Through this I took note of my passion for photography and lack there of for blogging :) 

Pets and children are by far the most challenging subjects I have came across. Typically, kids and animals have no interest in getting their pictures taken. Patience, technique, treats and squeaky toys go along way! Because of the difficulty, the finished product is such a reward for all. 

I like to consider myself a creative photographer when it comes to pets. Finding a theme that complements the animal and planning are both key parts of this type of shooting. These efforts are typically shared by myself and the client.


Fashion, fitness and portrait photos are so enjoyable. These shoots are completely different than pet/children because here both the subject and the photographer are working together. All focus can be on the setup, creativity and execution. 

Fun fact: I have been in front of the lens myself and I am dedicated to fitness so I am aware of the challenges and frustrations during fitness shoots. The main focus is to relax and have a good time!


I was approached to cover an event. I suppose you could say it was a strong case of peer pressure. I gave in. I invested in the equipment, I learned some new tools and I went on to capture the life of the party. I loved it! It's such a great feeling after submitting the photo package to the client. The client post photos for all to see and instantly event attendees start to relive the moments. 

If we work together it will be as a team, and together we will create something special.