The start to the blog I swore I would never start...

When the idea popped into my head to start a photography website, I had zero intentions to start a blog. Perhaps the idea came across mind once or twice and I specifically told myself I did not want a blog. As I talked with friends, clients, strangers and mentors I began to think a blog would be the perfect way to highlight my challenges, successes, inspirations and failures. Since this realization I have started a running list of future blogs. The past few months have brought more memorable lessons, experiences and relationships than any other period of my life. I would like for beginners to learn from my mistakes, professionals to critique my work and those completely unfamiliar to gain an appreciation for what photographers do.

Next up... why I decided to start a website, the benefits (and headaches) it has immediately brought to me, a few pointers for fellow photographers and what direction I plan to take my site!

#photography #beginner #blog #petportraits

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