Why start a photography website?

Not sure if you want to make the leap into building a website or contracting someone to build one for you? I saw the benefit instantly with my photography just moments after launching my website!

Social media is great, but the UI is not customizable. For example, a photographer that shoots landscape, classic cars and puppies ( I swear I'm not partial to puppy pictures :) ) may have trouble defining their audience on a platform such as Instagram. One single page to capture multiple styles can be confusing. The content has to fit the flow of the platform being used. Most social platforms are great tools but limit creativity. Now, there are definitely some social media masters that have done great things to overcome this, but it is not without strategic planning and execution. A website is the answer to organizing your work!

One of the biggest reasons I bit the bullet... scheduling and booking! There are various tools and plugins available to ease the daily headache of running a photography (or any freelance/creative ) business. Simply load a schedule plugin, format, change the colors and BAM! Now a potential client can see the schedule, this eliminates the back and fourth typically seen when trying to book sessions. Another common struggle with freelance photography is cancellation. The solution? Require a deposit for booking a session. This is common practice, once someone attaches a dollar amount to their commitment they are more likely to follow through!

Looking through google analytics, it will be very uncommon to see someone visit your site through a computer web browser. Make sure there is heavy focus on the mobile friendly side of your site!

One of the most important aspects of a website is SEO. There is not one place to go when it comes to learning about SEO. One great resource I found was:

https://www.foregroundweb.com/seo-guide-for-photographers/ Alex Vita one at foregroundweb.com really dives into SEO and gives you a great starting point.

Launching my photography website has brought me the most satisfaction and benefit to my photography business yet thus far. I highly recommend setting up one! Have anything to add to this content? Share with me!

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